Les Howarth · Communications · Realtime Images Telling your stories... by design

Experienced in

Pictures and Moving Images

  • Development and production of:
  • Documentaries, Promos, Training, Ads, Animation
  • Design, staging & coverage of corporate events
  • Interactive Design for Video/DVD and the Web
  • Architectural & Mechanical Visualisation

Words and Sound

  • Scriptwriting and research
  • News articles, Press Releases & Copy
  • Training Material, Tutorials and Workshops
  • Recording and Language Translation, Dubbing & Subtitling
  • Original & Library Music 

Design, Publishing, Research, Development

  • Websites, Web News & Social Media
  • Printed Media, Banners, Posters,  Brochures, Catalogues
  • Video for Online, events   DVD, Memory-Stick, Satellite and Cable TV
  • DVD covers, Product Modelling, Packaging & Visualisation