Les Howarth · Communications · Realtime Images Telling your stories—by design

I have been telling stories and making media in the North-West as Realtime Images since 1991 previously in London from 1977-1991 (77-84 as "Mixed Media").

With a select team of collaborators, I produce and deliver multimedia communications: ads, music videos, graphics, websites, promos, events, exhibitions, DVDs, CDs interactive media, scripts, journalism, online newspapers and literature - Whatever the medium it's about the message.

Starting out with a 16mm Bolex camera, light-tables, sticky lettering, marker pens, masking tape and imagination I produced images, training films and communications media. In 1981 I embraced the emerging digital media to create corporate presentations, computer games and TV graphics, as a result of this I was asked to write a series of children's books about the design and programming of computer games and computer graphics just a few years later.

As one of  first in the UK to harness computer animation for corporate projects in the mid 1980's I can honestly say that if it can be imagined - it can be shown and I was asked to gave a talk on this theme to the British Computer Society at UMIST in 2000.

But its not about the technology or the toys - It's about communicating - reaching into minds and making an impression with images, words and sounds.

Understanding goals and audiences: pure communication - the rest is just window-dressing.

Working together with great clients - the best is yet to come.

Clients like - Oldham Enterprise Trust, BanglaTV, OREP, Oldham Interfaith Forum, Asian Business Leaders, Blue Tiffin, O2, CurryTradeShow, OBLG, JTV, Just Help Foundation,  Manchester Youth Academy, Oldham Council, Amana Foundation, BME Voice, Coemo, Sylhet Times, NHS Stockport, Greater Manchester Probation, NHS LINks, Yorkshire and the Humber Regional Forum, Positive Steps Oldham, Oldham Family Crisis, Steppingstones Into Work, Fingershield UK, Connexions, LSC, Manchester Solutions, 2ncAlert, Bury CoVE, CoolFM Spain, Channel S, Highway to Opportunities, BME VCS in Yorkshire & the Humber, PAYP, Department of Work & Pensions, Kickstart, SRB6, Festival of Diversity, The Enterprise Factory, Manchester City Council, OAFC "Latics", Big Block 454 ,Channel S, Unity, Fontaine International, British Nuclear Fuels, Velcro, ICI, The Manchester Partnership, British Aerospace, Birmingham Cable, Balfour Beatty, British Gas, Junair Spraybooths, Lego, Woolworths Instore, Hunter Group, Autotrain, HSE, Monitoring Technology, Hallman, EEMA, ISSE, Eliza Tinsley, Storysack Ltd, Hawke Cable Glands, Articles of Faith, IBM Lotus, Rank Xerox, Bywater, Thomas Delarue, The Halifax, TSB, BBC, IPI, RIBA, BECTU, Channel 4, BT Network, Brunnings, Lego, GEC Research, London Records, Gartmore Investments, Gestetner, Usborne Publishing, NUR, Union Communications, Manchester International Airport, Romek, Fedex, AST Computers, Raffles, Hunting Engineering, Ryder Truck Rental, Positive Image, Salford ArtBase, UMIST