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Quay Fine Dining

Design and build of website for Quay Fine Dining, photography of Restaurant for use on the website.

sample page of Quay Fine Dining menu home page of website for Quay Fine Dining

Hyde Boys Cricket Club

Bespoke website design and build for new community cricket organisation.

Oldham Interfaith Forum

Bespoke website design, build and maintenance. Posters, flyers and e-flyers annual IF Calendar and other promotional material.

Photography, Video and graphics for projection at OIF events. Photography and video at events.

Asian Business Leaders for the Mayor's Appeal 2015

Website for Asian Business Leaders Charity Dinner for the Mayor's Appeal 2015

Website design, build, content and ongoing updates for the 2015 Asian Business Leaders Charity Dinner for the Mayor of Oldham's Appeal.

This was part of the full media service provided for the event, including graphics, promotional material, video and images for the event and filmed coverage of the event for website and the press.


Website and media support for the Amana Foundation

Just Help Eye Hospital

just help eye hospital website

Website and media support for the Just Help Eye Hospital – a Hyde, Greater Manchester based charity that has built an eye clinic at Guinghat Thana in Bangladesh.


BME Voice

BME-Voice Newspaper site

Design, Build and Maintenance of the online edition of Leeds Forum's newspaper the BME-Voice.

Bespoke WordPress templates were contructed to be consisitent with the design of the printed newspaper. Existing articles from the newspaper were converted for inclusion in the on-line edition.

Leeds Forum Staff contributors were trained in use of the CMS and publishing the articles and content to the web.

Singerkach Medical Centre

Logo designs for Sinkerkatch Helth Centre & Committee

Delivered a logo and branding kit to the Singerkach development committee, a charitable operation set up by Oldham Bangladeshis, who are building a free medical centre for the area that they - or their parents originated from. We also provided a website and blog enabling news and images to be posted as the project develops.


Dine 2 Night website

Design, Build and Maintenance and reviews for Website Dine2Night.

Just Help Foundation

just help foundation website

Website and media support for the charity Just Help Foundation which helps the underpriviliged in The U.K. and Bangladesh.

Their most recent  project was the building of an Eye Hospital in Bangladesh.


Devised branding for Oldham Probation's "Getting Offenders Back On Track" scheme - designs were provided for print and digital media. Additionally created a theme loop for projection on-screen and in the foyer at the GOBOT Launch Event..

Sylhet Times Digital

Sylhet Times Cover 2008

Design, Build and Maintenance of online edition of newspaper the Sylhet Times.

Custom templates were created from scratch for the CMS used also theme development consisitent with the design cues of the printed version , conversion of exisiting articles from the newspaper.

After 2 years in print, the newspaper transitioned to a completely online publication which enjoyed its 3rd anniversary at the start of 2013.

I was also the editor and lead writer for the online edition.

Stepping Stones Into Work

stepping stones home page

super hero journey to work - road block

introducing stacy stone

Design, Build and Maintenance of the Steppingstones Into Work website for Job Centre Plus in NE Manchester.

Website and content management built from scratch for the project which ran for 5 years with news, bulletins, upcoming events listings and example case studies from Stepping Stones.

Additional websites and display material for Jobstrain and Lone Parent Zone were developed as a result of this project.

Stepping Stones - Detective

Ms Sherlock Graphic

A print campaign for Stepping Stones comprising posters and leaflets to be displayed in Gala and Mecca bingo halls around Manchester.

Many of these establishments are based in former cinemas and we were inspired to create Ms Sherlock a female detective with our target audience in mind.

The locations are a visually busy and richly coloured environment making it difficult for any other material to stand out, so so follwing a classic cinema theme we decided on a simple but intriguing design in retro black and white with the with the just branding colour edging the headlines and as required by the Stepping Stones and City of Manchester logos.

Radio Mojacar

radio mojacar ocean wave logo

Provided a logo, branding kit and website for Radio Mojacar a coastal radio station in Spain.

Delivered by hand - I was over there helping to set up some of the station gear and to record a couple of ads (in english) before they go on the air.

Mr Shiftit

Mr Shiftit logo

Logo design and cartoon for Mr Shiftit an office and domestic equipment recycling company.

8 to 8 for Choose Well

A poster and set of flyers designed to signpost the options available for accessing a new walk-in 8 to 8 centre and linking with the Choose Well campaign.

Xperime Adventures

Website and media support for xperime adventures, a company offering cycling adventure travel in southeast asia,