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Media and Live Graphics Support to Amana Sports Awards

I provided promotional media, event video intro and live event graphics support at the first Amana Sports Awards held at Oldham's Blue Tiffin. The event was the first of it's kind held by the Amana Foundation to recognise outstanding sports acheivements of the year and also lifetime dedication and acheivement in sports by the North-West's Bangladeshi Community. 

Helping to Launch Cotton,Curry & Commerce Heritage Project

The book "Curry, Cotton and  Commerce", part of a heritage project about Oldham Businesses since the 1950's was launched on the 13th Sept and in addition to providing archive photos of the Asian Business Associations events 2008-2010 and a number of portraits of contemporary business entrepreneurs for the book I was also pleased to help by compiling a video based on interviews and pictures from the book to be shown on the day and with photography at the event.

Photography for a Local Heritage book

Provided photos for the book Cotton, Curry and Commerce - A history of the development of Asian Businesses in Oldham. The photos were taken from  my work for the Sylhet Times Digital and additional new photos highlighting contemporary businesses.

The book will be launched in an event held at the Blue Tiffin Restaurant, Royton, Oldham in September.

Sylhet Times 5th Anniversary

The Sylhet Times newspaper celebrated its fifth anniversary at the beginning of  2013 and it's year as a wholly online publication. We will be overhauling and streamlining the template system as part of a CMS upgrade to increase site efficiency for mobile devices which now account for upto 30% of internet access and could increase to as much as 50% by next year.

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