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OREP Summer Activities

A documentary following the summer community activites organised by Oldham Racial Equality Partnership. These included sports events, coffee mornings, trips to tenpin-bowling & laserquest, Blackpool and Portland basin Museum.

ABL2015 Dinner for the Mayor's Appeal Fund

Asian Business Leaders dinner - poster for Mayor's Appeal Dinner

Creating a brand identity, web presence  and promotional material or the Asian Business Leaders Charity Dinner 2015 - updating the scheme I developed for the first 'ABL Dinner for MAHDLO' in 2013.


I also created a 2min 42sec feature video for the event summarising the "Year of The Mayor 2014-2015" in a cascade of images from the 508 official appointments that the mayor attended in the year.

Also created rolling "Logo Wall" for sponsors and Logo+picturewall videos for the event.

Video highlights of the night can seen here and my "Year of the Mayor 2014-2015" video as played on the night here

Coemo - Ten Years

graphic from coemo video

A Video review for projection at the 10th Anniversary Conference of the Bradford Consortia of Ethnic Minorities Organisations (CoEMO)

The video presented a range of personal views on the achievements of the 10 Years of the Organisation's existence via interviews with client organisations, local authorities and board members. 20 Interviews were filmed at locations in and around Bradford.

Coemo's branding was reinforced in an original animated title sequence and bumpers. Following the event the film was distributed on DVD


NHS Links DVD patient consulting engagement video

An outreach video for display in doctor's surgeries and community organisations. Members were interviewed for their honest views on being involved in the LINks and the benefits to the community. Locations including Liverpool, Ashton/Manchester and Carlisle in the Lake District.

Installed in 24 LINk locations around the North-West. Each disk was produced with a custom intro-screen, menu, surface print and case inlay specific to the location.

In English with optional subtitles. Multi-language.


Developing Tomorrow's Workforce Today

graphic from animated title from the video Tomorrow's Workforce Today

A short DVD promoting Public Sector Corporate Responsibility with advocates from local public & private businesses putting the case. (HSBC & First Choice Homes). First shown as opener to a business development event on 19th May 2008

Presented by Positive Steps Oldham PSCR Initiative.

Oldham Athletic "Latics" Tour Promo

TV ad for football trip to bangladesh

30 Sec Ad for Television and a DVD promoting the Oldham Athletic Football Club Under 21 team's trip to Bangladesh.

Gobot Event Highlights DVD

Getting Offenders Back on Track

A highlights DVD filmed at the GOBOT launch

The DVD featured an animated intro and menu with chapter jump points for each of the presentations and a "Play All" option.

Positive Activities for Young People 2008

positive activites 2008 follow-up video

DVD covering the latest developments in PAYP for 2008

Created as a follow-up to the 2007 PAYP video this time looking at 2 pilot schemes new for 2008, featuring inverviews with participants and organisers from projects run by Brook Oldham and Kickstart

Again the original music was provided by Big Block 454.


Just Help Charity Event highlights

Just Help aniinverary event video

We provided a live feed to screen at the event and filmed the Just Help Foundation's anniversary charity fundraiser in Manchester to produce a highlight reel for promotion, briefings and VPK. Also produced 30sec and 1 min appeal spots for Television combining the evening with exisiting documentary footage.

We also provided P.A. and our camera feed was projected live onscreen at the event.

The event was hosted by the Rt.Hon Sir Gerald Kaufman at the Al-Waalis Restaurant in Manchester



Positive Activities for Young People

positive summer activities educational event video

Event opener and promotional DVD for the PAYP scheme.

Shown as focal piece of the 2007 PAYP event in the theatre of the Grange Arts Centre Oldham. The video got a fantastic reception from the audience with applause and cheers whenever their pals or staff were onscreen and really set the mood for celebration which continued throughout the event.

Original music was provided for the video by Big Block 454.


E2E Education Into Employment

still from the video Education in2 Employment

A Short DVD for presentation in schools and Youth Groups with young people explaining the benefits of E2E in their own words.

Featuring original music by Big Block 454


Still of Lisa Tse interview in from Entrepreneurs video

A DVD with more than 40 mins of Interactive content for use in schools and colleges promoting Entrepreneurship in young people.

8 Diverse Entrepreneurs were Interviewed using carefully structured questions to allow for later interactive choices. Their responses were edited and programmed for the DVD so that they could be used in a variety of ways - for example they could be viewed by the Question - where all the entrepreneurs would answer a single chosen question from the interviews giving an overview of that topic for discussion, or by Person- where one entrepreneur would answer all of the questions giving their singular story.



Still from kickstart educational video

A short DVD outlining the work of Kickstart

Kickstart was supported by PAYP in 2008.
This video utilises extra material and interviews shot at Kickstart during the making the PAYP-Pilots DVD.


Equal and Empowered

video still from BME Event film

We created a theme loop for projection at the start of the Yorkshire & Humber VCS event "Equal and Empowered" in Leeds and filmed the event itself to produce a highlight reel edited together with additional interviews and location footage for briefings and inclusion in VPKs.


SRB6 - Inside Stories

end of scheme review video for regeneration project

A DVD featuring Interviews with participants in the 7 Year SRB6 Scheme to regenerate key areas of Oldham. 22 people including key staff, residents and workers in the areas affected tell their stories. More than 60 mins of content presented in 9 9 themes with chapter-jumps provided for individual interviews and subjects.

DVD Bonus features include "Celebration in the Park" a video of the party held in Werneth Park at the scheme's end in March 2007 plus a video of the street party held for the re-opening of the remodeled Norfolk Street in August 2007.

Original music was composed and performed by Angur Miah


Give Domestic Violence the Red Card

Domestic Violence DVD

A dramatisation of Domestic Violence intended for discussion in schools.

The disk features the performance of a traditional Punch and Judy show as stylised depiction of how domestic violence occurs - followed by a realistic dramatisation of the same scene.

The disk also  included extensive teachers notes in PDF form and an original rap on domestic violence by Liquid Kid.

SRB6 Celebration in the Park

event coverage video

A DVD Celebrating A "Party in the Park" held by Oldham Regeneration at the close of the SRB6 Scheme.


Festival Of Diversity

graphic from Festival of Diversity video

A Mini-Video CDROM with custom media player and DVD for the organisers of the Festival of Diversity to promote the event and enhance future bids for funding.


Fingershield Exhibition DVD Loop

still picture from fingershield video loop

A DVD loop demonstrating the use of the Fingershield product range in schools for exhibition use


Sundance Spas

product demonstration and promo dvd

Conversion of DVD from American-English to Spanish.
DVD with 1000 copies pressed.

The client's existing footage was combined with new photography, additional graphics and a new intro sequence.
Sections were re-edited, time-stretched and extended to fit the new soundtrack and remastered for DVD.


Royal Bengal Airline

project launch video for royal bengal airlines

Live coverage of Investors' Conference followed by a promotional DVD


2NC Alert

2nc alert online campaign graphic

A Mini CD-ROM targeted at the promotion of the 2NC Alert trauncy Tracker and Tell-by-TXT information system to schools.

1000 copies for distribution at trade exhibition.

Fingershield Product CD

menu graphic -screen image from fingershield product DVD

An Interactive Product Demonstration mini-CDROM with 1500 Copies for tradeshow distribution.

Included product Info, customer testimonials,
interactive graphics for demo and clickable swatches.
Extra material included installation videos and PDF manuals

Fontaine Fifth Wheels - Multilanguage CD-ROM

Image from Fontaine Fifth Wheel animation

An Interactive Training CD-ROM with 3,500 CDs pressed.

The tutorials make extensive use of 3D Graphics and animation to demonstrate the correct operation and inner workings of the Fifthwheel. A Multi Language disk with Narration and Menus in English, French, German, Swedish, Danish and Dutch

Granite by Design

Screen image from Granite by Design Interactivwe Catalogue CD-ROMFireplace, Floor-Tile, Driveway and Worktops Catalogue disc for a manufacture of marble and granite products.

2,000 copies were pressed and distributed to trade dealers throughout the UK.
The interactive  CD-ROM Featured videos of product manufacture and installation, demonstrations, company profile, product catalogues and slideshows.

Follow-ups to the CD-ROM included a 20 page print catalogue, photography and a website.


Junair Spraybooths

still from junair spraybooths video demonstration

An Interactive dual-language CD-ROM with menus and narration selectable in English or German.
3,000 copies were pressed initially, followed by a top-up of an additional 2,000.
All original video and graphics content including 3D graphics and effects photography, plus additional support material included on the disc in the form of acrobat and powerpoint files, e-mail and web links.


Eliza Tinsley - Velcro Launch

graphic from Velcor Launch video for Eliza Tinsley

National Product Launch Video -
An opener for the marketing launch announcing Eliza Tinsley as the new national distributor for Velcro products in the UK.



video grapic sequence for conference

Produced as the conference opener for Information Security Solutions Europe.
The sequence used live action and 3D computer animation to create an exciting two-and-a-half minute ride into cyberspace.

Featuring original music by Big Block 454

Shown at annual conferences in London and Vienna, later being included on the EEMA Membership pack disk.

Monitoring Technology VTX Monitor

monitoring technology security demonstration video

A product demonstration video for security monitoring equipment manufacturer Monitoring Technology featuring day and night shoots, time-lapse photography and computer graphics to explain the operation of the VTX remote monitoring system


Inspector More Plant Safety Game

Health and Safety game disk

A bespoke video-game on the theme of plant safety desgned and built for the Health & Safety Executive. The player took control of Inspector More an intrepid plant safety expert working to eliminate a variety of common - and not so common dangers in a series of workplace environments.


VIC for Britvic and Pepsico

vic animated cartoon character created for pepsi

An animated spokesperson for an Britvic staff training video which subsequently won an IVCA award.

The character was later adopted and used worldwide by parent company Pepsico, and translated into many languages.


Hawke Undersea Rescue

UnderseaPipeline Repair Game disk

A bespoke video-game designed and built for Hawke cable glands in which the player explored the ocean bed piloting a remote underwater vehicle (ROV) with a mission to repair damaged pipelines and claim salvage of treasures from the seabed while negotiating traps and underwater hazards.

Big Block 454 Live at the Centric

picture from live perfomance by big block 454 at Salford Centric

Theme video produced for a concert at Salford Centric. The video was played at the event and the soundtrack was performed live by Big Block 454.

The live performance was itself filmed and then edited with the original video for future performance.

Big Block 454 have provided music for several of my video productions including ISSE 2001, PAYP 2007 & 2008

AST Computers Catalogue

An Interactive product catalogue for the AST range of desktop and laptop computers

Hylo Havoc

Hylo Havoc Airport game disk

A video-game involving the unloading of freight from a Jumbo-jet with a Hylo while avoiding runway traffic. Produced for a freight exhibition at Manchester International Airport in 1983.


BT Now!

graphic of CD ROM

A Business Card Video CD-ROM for distribution at a BT Network Conference at the start of the internet boom.
a series of exhibition panels was also designed using the thematic Images from the CDROM Graphics.